Employability Day 2017

Tim Husband Disability, Getting you back to work, Jobs

It’s National Employability Day today – a chance for us to drive the conversation about disabled people in the workplace and to learn a bit more about the efforts that several organisations are putting in to help some of the hardest-to-help individuals in our society back into rewarding work.

It is important for us to share our successes and our knowledge in order to transform the way the world looks at disabled veterans in the workplace.

What does The Poppy Factory do?

The Poppy Factory supports veterans with health challenges back into work through an evidence-based approach called “IPS”. Nicknamed “Place then Train”, this method is essentially very bespoke to the individual, helping them improve their employability (through CV advice, career guidance, interview coaching etc) and into jobs in which they have already identified an interest, ensuring that the sick or disabled individual fully engages with the new role. There are also several other principles involved in IPS, which has proven to be the most effective method of helping disabled people back into work.

How can I get involved?

If you are an employer: Check out The Employer Toolkit, a useful guide for employing a diverse workforce.

If you are a veteran, struggling to gain or maintain a job due to a mental or physical health condition: Find out more about our free employability service and how we can help get you back into meaningful work.

If you like what we do: Become a Poppy Factory supporter, help us raise the vital funds we need by setting up a regular donation, taking part in an event (as part of #TeamPoppyFactory) or encouraging others to join in the drive to help disabled veterans.