Trusts, foundations and charity supporters
Our military charity, trust and foundation partners provide vital funds that help us get more veterans with mental and physical health conditions back into work.
Who supports our work

We are delighted to have grown our partnerships with a number of military charities, trusts and foundations and livery companies, matching their interests to our employability service. Together we have had a huge impact on our veterans’ lives. We are extremely grateful to all our supporters, some examples of which are included below.

Charity Steward, David Maddern from Somerset Freemans, said: “We’re very pleased to be able to help The Poppy Factory who do outstanding work helping veterans with health conditions get back in to work. Our Service people have given a tremendous amount for us and it’s only right that we come together to give them something back in return.”

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How we can work together

Your organisation can provide funds for specific aspects of our Getting You Back To Work service, on a one-off or multi-year basis, which helps us to ensure the longevity of our work. You can fund work that reflects your own location, origins, interests and priorities. We are happy to develop bespoke applications to suit your aims. We will always keep you up to date with our work and how your support is making a difference to the lives of veterans across the UK.  

Support veterans like Will

Will served for six years in the Grenadier Guards, mainly in Northern Ireland. When he came out of the Army he didn’t know what he would do or how to go about finding a job. 

“I have post-traumatic stress disorder from my time in service. After I came out in 2001, I suffered for quite some time. At first I didn’t do much, then I started driving, but I got very anxious and I really didn’t want to go out on the motorways. “I never knew what was wrong, then eventually I got some help and started dealing with my condition. In 2013 I went to Combat Stress for help and that’s how I heard of The Poppy Factory, when someone from the charity came to talk to us. “I met with Becks, my Employability Consultant, face to face at the end of 2017. I nearly didn’t go, but she was so good and really relaxed, and she made me feel that this was going to be something really positive. It was great to build a rapport with her and do things gradually, so that when I did find employment, I’d be able to stay in it. “Becks kept fighting to get me in at Travis Perkins, and I started my new job in October 2018. My PTSD is kind of unwinding now and I’m fitting in more. I’m really grateful for all the support I have from my colleagues.”

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How can you give to The Poppy Factory?

If you are interested in supporting The Poppy Factory through a grant then please contact our team on 020 8940 3305 or or write to us at: The Poppy Factory 20 Petersham Road Richmond Surrey TW10 6UR