Are you ex-Forces? Is a health condition making it tough to find a job?

The Poppy Factory is here to help you

We provide a free, personalised employment service across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, supporting all veterans with physical and mental health conditions back into civilian work. We know that meaningful employment changes lives.

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Watch this video to learn about how we help veterans back into work.

How we can help you

One of our local employment experts will meet you in a convenient location and work with you to identify your aspirations and goals, reflecting your skills and experiences to support you into securing the rewarding job that you deserve.  When you have secured your new job and started work, we will continue to support you with our in-work support to make sure you enjoy and get the most out of your new role. From career planning and training opportunities to CV writing and interview coaching, our support will give you everything you need to find a job you love, in your community, which will mean you can start living life to the full again. We can help with:

  • Local, one-to-one support 
  • Career planning
  • CV advice
  • Training opportunities

  • Bespoke job opportunities
  • Application guidance
  • Interview coaching
  • In-work support

Who we help

If you have served for one day or more in the Armed Forces or Reserves, and you consider yourself to have any kind of physical or mental health condition, we want to support you back into your choice of work.  Physical or mental health conditions do not have to be attributed to service. People who receive Career Transition Partnership assistance may not be eligible for support but please call us to find out more.

Dale: “Within a week of getting my Class 1 driving licence, The Poppy Factory introduced me to John Raymond Transport (the Nolan Group). I couldn’t have been happier to be offered a job.”

Vicki: “Picking myself up and asking for help was a massive thing. The support from The Poppy Factory just kept me going. They invested their time in me and I didn’t want to let them down.”

Danny: “When I got a job at Jaguar Land Rover I was over the moon. It’s a great opportunity and I’m really enjoying it. I would like to thank The Poppy Factory for all the support they’ve given me.”

Some of our current employers

We work with hundreds of supportive employers, both large and small, to find you the most suitable opportunities. All of our employers value the huge array of transferrable skills that ex-Service personnel bring to any workplace.

Meet some of the businesses who have employed our veterans

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Our veterans’ stories 
No two people’s experiences or skills are the same, especially for veterans with health conditions. That’s why we tailor our support.