A screen shot indicating the 3D virtual tour of The Poppy Factory

Explore The Poppy Factory in 3D

Nothing beats an in-person visit to The Poppy Factory. You can learn from our expert hosts, meet members of our production team, enjoy freshly baked cakes and discover our historic home.

But for those who are far away - or thinking about booking a group visit or joining one of our Discovery sessions for individuals and small groups - why not get a feel for what to expect through our interactive 3D explorer?

Click on the arrow to enter The Poppy Factory and look around. Move freely through the visitor centre, factory tea break area and poppy-making area and click on the information hot spots.

You can also go beyond to explore parts of the building that are usually closed to visitors, including the production floor, warehouse and office, featuring our replica of the grave of the Unknown Warrior.

The Poppy Factory would like to thank Weston Media for its generous support in producing and hosting this 3D tour.

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