Remembrance poppies, wreaths and symbols

The Poppy Factory began in 1922, offering veterans with mental and physical health conditions a place of employment producing Remembrance products for The Royal British Legion and the Royal Family.

The factory is based in Richmond upon Thames and has 22 Production workers and two special wreath makers, currently making in excess of 124,000 wreaths, 450,000 crosses and symbols and 250 Royal and special wreaths.


In 1922, we made our first Remembrance poppy for The Royal British Legion. Millions of poppies later, we are still proudly continuing this important tradition. We have also got a long history of producing the Royal Family’s wreaths.

From the beginning, our production team was made up of injured First World War soldiers. Today, we’re still employing veterans who served in later conflicts and the dependents of veterans with physical and mental health conditions, some of whom have worked at the factory for over 40 years making Remembrance products.

Our work today

The Poppy Factory supports veterans with health conditions on their journey into employment, helping them overcome any barriers.

Four out of five of the veterans we work with report a mental health condition. Whatever their situation, and whatever they are going through, our employment team is on hand to offer one-to-one support.

Our employment support is available to individuals who have served for one day or more in the Armed Forces or Reserves, and consider themselves to have any kind of physical or mental health condition.

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