The Poppy Factory gives Stuart 50-50 chance of success

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An intrepid adventurer who has climbed 10 of the world’s highest mountains dropped in to The Poppy Factory to attempt a daunting new challenge.

Former reservist Stuart Leach contacted our charity as part of his campaign to complete 50 unique missions over eight years, before he turns 50.

The south Londoner agreed to take on the task of making 500 poppies in just two hours. With encouragement from his wife Nicky and nine-month-old son Chester, Stuart smashed the target by making 599 poppies within the time limit.

Stuart, who hopes to raise at least £50,000 for military charities through his Exped5050 campaign, said: “I’m really pleased I hit the target. My hands are sore and probably will be for a few days. It’s great to come out and volunteer at The Poppy Factory, and to hear about how the charity is helping veterans with physical and mental health conditions into work, supporting them get out there and get their lives back on track.”


In all, Stuart’s fundraising campaign involves more than 900 individual challenges, with his poppy-making test making up just one of 50 tasks within his volunteering mission. Other missions range from meeting 50 different types of shark to running his grandfather’s POW route from Dunkirk to Poland.

The adventurer’s next challenge will see him attempt to climb the highest mountain in Sierra Leone, where he will also visit a school that he funded in memory of his late mum.

Deirdre Mills, Chief Executive of The Poppy Factory, said: “We are delighted by the scale of Stuart’s ambition and pleased that The Poppy Factory could help him take one important step closer to achieving his goal.”

Find out more about Stuart’s adventures at or follow @exped5050 on Facebook and Twitter, or @stealthyadventurer on Instagram.


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