Join us for Operation Picnic and help us change 100 more lives

Round up your troops, anytime, anywhere and simply ask them to make a donation to attend your picnic.

By getting together you can help us change 100 lives.

Please let us know about your picnic! And if you need some tips, our team will be happy to help. Email

Operation Picnic is a-go

  • This year marks VE Day 75, a three-day international celebration that will take place from 8th May to 10th May 2020. Why not host your picnic the same weekend to support veterans with health conditions back to work. 
  • Ask your troops to give a small amount to attend your picnic. You could have a pot for cash donations, or share our donate online link so people can contribute by card while they munch their lunch. Find out how Alison did it!
  • Plan your Operation Picnic at a time and place that works for you. Use our picnic poster or invitation template to spread the word and boost attendance.
  • Tell your picnickers why The Poppy Factory needs your support. Why not share our video of Vicki and Dale’s stories before or during the event – people will see how their donations will help change a veteran’s life.
  • Download our picnic games, or make some up yourself, and increase funds by asking for extra contributions to take part.
  • After your picnic, count up the funds raised and make the payment online or send a cheque to The Poppy Factory, 20 Petersham Road, Surrey, TW10 6UR.
  • Encourage others to make a difference and hold their own picnics by sharing any photos on social media and tagging The Poppy Factory using our #OperationPicnic hashtag.
  • There are no rules. Picnics can come in all shapes and sizes – outdoors, in your office, the classroom or even on the move. Check out our top tips, materials and activity ideas below to help to hit your fundraising goal!
Activity ideas

For the grown-ups:

  • Have a go at The Poppy Factory – Who’s Who game. Print out a sheet for each picnic goer and the first person to find out answers and put a name in each square wins a prize.
  • Try out our #OperationPicnic Quiz! Download the quiz and download the quiz with answers.
  • Taste Test – Can your guests guess the ingredients of some of your tasty picnic treats?
  • Why not hold a raffle or prize draw to generate more donations for our veterans
  • Jobs charades, a great team challenge!

For the kids:

  • Incorporate your picnic with a school non-uniform day
  • Dressing up – Ask your class to dress up in outfits that show the jobs they want to do when they grow up
  • Sports Day Jobs Triathlon – wheel barrow race (gardener), egg and spoon race (chef), water bucket run (fireman)
  • Picnic Picture Competition – get creative and get your class to draw, paint or collage pictures of their dream jobs. Why not share the pictures on our social media, we’d love to see them!
Pay in donations
Fundraising T&C's

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