Join us for Operation Picnic and change 100 Lives

Round up your troops, anytime, anywhere and simply ask them to make a donation to attend your picnic.  Yes, it’s that easy to make a difference.

There are no rules… picnics can come in all shapes and sizes, outdoors, online, in your office or the classroom.

All we ask is that you make a contribution to The Poppy Factory’s 100 Lives campaign, either individually or as a group.

In doing so, you’ll be supporting veterans with physical and mental health conditions as they seek to move into new employment during the challenging times ahead.

Picnic activity ideas

For the grown-ups:

  • Have a go at The Poppy Factory – Who’s Who game. Print out a sheet for each picnic goer and the first person to find out answers and put a name in each square wins a prize.
  • Taste Test – Can your guests guess the ingredients of some of your tasty picnic treats?
  • Why not hold a raffle or prize draw to generate more donations for our veterans
  • For all you digital picnickers- Why not join together in watching our new six-minute film featuring David, Holly, Fraser and Steve – four veterans whose lives have been transformed with our support. You’ll see how your donations will help change 100 more lives.

For the kids:

  • Fancy Dress– Ask your little ones to dress up in outfits that represent the jobs they want to do when they grow up
  • Sports Day Jobs Triathlon – wheel barrow race (gardener), egg and spoon race (chef), water bucket run (fireman)
  • Picnic Picture Competition – be creative and draw, paint or collage pictures of dream jobs. Why not share the pictures on our social media, we’d love to see them!
  • They could even create their own bunting to decorate the picnic

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