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No two journeys into employment are the same, especially for ex-Service men and women who pursue civilian careers after leaving the Forces.
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Careers after the Forces
We believe that veterans should love the work they do, but for some people, having a mental or physical health condition can make it tough to find and stay in work. That’s why our life-changing support is tailored to make sure each person finds the right role to suit their lifestyle and aspirations.
Ciaran’s story

Ciaran became an amputee after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan. Following his medical discharge after five years in the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, he came to The Poppy Factory for help.

“As time went on, the mental toll of being unemployed, sitting at home all day, grew heavier. If it wasn’t for The Poppy Factory, I think I would be employed but probably be on minimum wage in an unskilled role just getting by, not at a senior management level. “With The Poppy Factory’s help, I definitely had a clearer idea of where I wanted my career to go.”

Vicki’s story

Vicki has PTSD as a result of her time in the Army and struggled to find fulfilling work. She called The Poppy Factory and is now a Logistics Manager .

“The Poppy Factory are good because they work with you, your ideas, your goals. Whatever it is you want to do in your new world, they can help and assist. “Picking myself up and asking for help was a massive thing. The support from The Poppy Factory just kept me going. The confidence that I’ve now got from where I was before, it speaks volumes.”

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Veterans helping veterans
Many of our employees are veterans themselves so we know first-hand what it is like to leave the Forces and move into civilian employment. Call 020 8940 3305 or register online today.
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