National Work Life Week: Helping veterans find the right balance

Dan Hodges General, Getting you back to work

It can be very difficult to find a good work life balance. And for those who continue to work from home in response to coronavirus, it may be increasingly hard to separate the two. As National Work Life Week begins, our focus is on how we support veterans with health challenges into jobs that will offer the right work life balance for them.

Four out of five of the individuals we support have a mental health condition. It’s essential that these men and women find a steady balance between their work and personal lives, so they are able to settle down in a job and flourish over the longer term. If they don’t find the right balance, it can be much harder to maintain mental health and ensure physical health and well-being.

The demands of work

Work culture in the UK is often demanding. Whether it’s because of long working hours, or simply the pressure to be available at all times, we all seem to be working harder.

Coping with those pressures requires confidence and self-discipline, and yet many of the veterans who come to us for support express feelings of worthlessness and being at rock bottom. They have often experienced a long period of unemployment and are keen to throw themselves back into work – but they may not how to begin.

Our employability consultants work closely with veterans to build that confidence and independence. We listen carefully to their individual needs, helping them to take a step back and look at their situation and their priorities.

Taking a long-term view

It can be a long road back to employment.  Starting a new job is a great achievement but isn’t the end of that journey. Adapting to a new role can quickly become the main focus of life and it’s important for all of us to keep enough room and energy for other things.

As well as continuing to support each individual, our employability consultants often work with their employer to create an environment that works in the long term. They can help set clear, achievable goals so both the veteran and employer are working together. They also work closely with partner organisations to make sure every veteran has access to a good range of ongoing support.

Making it work despite Covid-19

We’ve helped more than 130 people start jobs since the first Covid-19 lockdown. And we’ve stayed by their side as they adapt to new ways of working with all the added pressure of these extremely challenging times.

We’ve done that through thousands of phone calls, emails and video calls. And as we all continue to work hard through whatever challenges lie ahead, we know more than ever that a good work-life balance is something none of us can afford to lose sight of.

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National Work Life Week is an annual campaign by Working Families to get both employers and employees talking about wellbeing at work and work-life fit.

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