We did it!

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When we began our Getting You Back to Work initiative in 2010, we weren’t sure how things were going to work out.

We knew that we could potentially reach and help 500 disabled veterans by the end of 2015 IF we worked really hard and got the support we needed.

Well, the experiment has been a success! We have just hit our initial target of 500 veterans into work and we can all give ourselves a big pat on the back! BUT we’ve only really reached Base Camp; there is still a mountain left to climb.

We have estimated that there are around 35,000 unemployed veterans with health challenges that need out unique support and – although 500 is a great achievement for everybody involved – we are still conscious of the weight of 34,500 others who have yet to register for our service.

We’ve done it!

We know there are still huge challenges left: We need to reach these people and provide an easy mechanism for registering, we need to help them quickly and – if the 34,500 all come through at the same time – we need to make sure our support model is robust enough to be able to cope with that number of beneficiaries.

So please join us in saying a heartfelt “Thank you” to all of the staff, volunteers, veterans, businesses and charities that have all helped to change the lives of these 500 individuals.

And (just as importantly) please continue to support the work of The Poppy Factory and help us to reach those people who need our help the most. Publicity is expensive, so we rely on public support to spread the word and to help raise vital funds for our ongoing work – helping disabled veterans into life-changing employment.

Thank you, TeamPoppyFactory.