Remembering HRH Prince Philip

Grace Andrews General

As the nation comes together to mourn the passing of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, we are proud to look back at his regular attendance for nearly 70 years at the Field of Remembrance.
In 1928, The Poppy Factory’s founder, Major George Howson, proposed creating a place for people to plant a poppy in memory of a loved one killed during the war. A memorial garden was created on the lawn outside Westminster Abbey, where Poppy Factory workers set up two battlefield crosses from Flanders and sold poppies to the public.
It was a success, and the Field of Remembrance has been installed every November since. The then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip first visited the Field of Remembrance together in 1947, shortly before their wedding. A member of the royal family has attended every year since then to plant a cross in tribute. Prince Philip’s last visit to the Field of Remembrance was in 2016.