Poppies, symbols and wreaths

Every year our production team hand-make millions of Remembrance products for the Royal Family and The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

We were founded in 1922 to provide employment opportunities to wounded soldiers returning from WWI and a partnership was struck at the time between the British Legion and the Disabled Society (soon to become The Poppy Factory) to produce poppies for the second annual Haig Fund (now the Poppy Appeal).

This was such a successful venture between the two charities that it continues to this day; Around 30 disabled veterans, their dependents, and a small team of home-workers, work year-round to produce wreaths, crosses and poppies to meet an annual order from The Royal British Legion.

The products are “sold” (for zero profit) to the Legion under special arrangement for it’s annual Poppy Appeal, which then uses the fundraising income from selling these to the public to fulfil The Royal British Legion’s charitable objectives.

What do we make?

Click below to see how many of each remembrance product we make. We make these products for The Royal British Legion, so if you need to order something, you will need to go through the Poppy Appeal (you can find a link below). We also make special wreaths and sprays for the Royal Family.

We hand-made 139,000 wreaths in 2017!

Remembrance wreaths come in many varieties and are usually specific to a particular member of the Royal Family, regiment, or memorial event.

Take a look at the types of wreaths available on The Royal British Legion’s website.

Photo credit: PA Wire Photo credit: PA Wire

Men and women from all religions and creeds have lost their lives defending this country, and we produce various wooden remembrance symbols so that people from any faiths are able to honour their loved ones.

In 2017, we made almost a million Remembrance symbols. These are mostly planted at gardens of Remembrance all over the country, including our Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey.

Poppy Factory Field of Remembrance 2015

In 2017, our team of disabled veterans, their dependants and home-workers (and even teams of volunteers) hand-made 7.6 million Remembrance poppies for The Royal British Legion.

The public usually buy nearly 45 million poppies each year, and all of those extra poppies are produced on machines at the Poppy Appeal’s HQ in Kent.

Poppies have long been a symbol of Remembrance for many. In the UK, poppies are usually worn in the lead up to Remembrance Sunday in November every year as a reminder of the huge sacrifices of those in the Armed Forces community.


Want to order remembrance products?

Visit the Royal British Legion’s wreath order page or call the Poppy Appeal on 01622 717 172. You can also visit the Poppy Shop for other products, like badge or pins.