Operation Picnic in action at Marble Hill House

Picnics and free live music will support historic site and help veterans into work

Dan Hodges General

Operation Picnic in action at Marble Hill HouseGroups can enjoy free live music this August at a historic London site – and the community is being asked to get behind the venue while also helping to change 100 veterans’ lives.

Marble Hill House in Twickenham is hosting a series of performances each Sunday from 2pm to 3pm, and urging visitors to enjoy the English Heritage site.

Guests are also encouraged to consider holding Operation Picnic fundraisers to help wounded, injured and sick veterans move back into work. Picnickers are simply asked to make a gift towards the 100 Lives campaign by Richmond-based charity The Poppy Factory, either individually or as a group.

Jazz, opera and Renaissance ensembles will all perform between 2pm and 3pm on Sundays at Marble Hill House in the coming weeks. The schedule includes:

August 2:          The Greenwood Trio (chamber music)

August 9:          The Perin Jazz Collective

August 16:        The Lovekyn Consort (Elizabethan-era music)

August 23:        Greg Tassell and piano/harpsichord (opera/folk/popular song)

August 30:        The Perin Jazz Collective

Picnickers are asked to take any rubbish and recycling home with them as part of Covid-19 safety measures at Marble Hill House.

The events are free, but any donations given on the day to Marble Hill will help ensure the future of the site as a well-loved community space.

Funds raised separately through Operation Picnic will help support 100 more veterans with health conditions on their journey into employment. The Poppy Factory will continue supporting them whatever challenges they may face.

For picnic and fundraising ideas, click here.

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