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London Veterans Partnership will strengthen support for capital’s ex-Forces community

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The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust logoLondon’s diverse ex-Forces community will be offered more connected support through a new partnership that unites organisations working with veterans who have mental health needs.

Funded by The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, London Veterans Partnership will enable veterans to overcome personal barriers by offering joined-up support and opportunities.

The partnership is part of the Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People programme, which provides grants to ensure places of safety and pathways of support across the UK. It is being led in London by The Poppy Factory, which supports veterans with health conditions into employment.

As portfolio holder, The Poppy Factory will coordinate partnership activity and distribute project funding to other partners. Working together, these organisations will offer a full range of support to enhance the wellbeing of Londoners who have served, helping them achieve positive outcomes.

Nearly £800,000 in funding will be distributed to nine partners to support the capital’s ex-Forces community over a two-year period.  Partners include First Light Trust, Fighting with Pride, Community Drug & Alcohol Recovery Services, Stoll, Company of Makers, Defence Medical Welfare Service, The Ripple Pond, Positive Adventure and The Fighting Chance.

Deirdre Mills, Chief Executive of The Poppy Factory, said:

“Veterans living in London will know that our capital can offer many unique opportunities. And yet without an effective support network, life here can be difficult and challenging. Our new partnership seeks to address that by joining forces to ensure veterans have access to the places, pathways and people that will enable them to flourish after service.

“Having supported veterans in London for 100 years, The Poppy Factory is well placed to serve as portfolio holder for the programme. We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate more closely with new and existing partners, all committed to the overarching aim of providing a better, more joined up, service to London’s diverse ex-Forces community.”

Partners will work together and with veterans to ensure they have access to safe, welcoming places, including physical spaces in London and within the digital world.

They will help veterans access mental health support and treatment pathways that meet their individual needs. Partners will work together to open up support for groups who may feel underrepresented, including those from minority backgrounds, women veterans, members of the LGBT+ community and others.

London Veterans Partnership will also ensure that the people who work with veterans in London, including staff and volunteers, have access to good quality training so they can connect veterans to wider pathways of support.

Portfolio members will use the funding from The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to deliver a wide range of activity to support veterans in London.

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