Sergeant MAjor Glenn Haughton giving a talk for The Poppy Factory

Sergeant Major Glenn Haughton boosts employee wellness through coronavirus

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Our Vice Patron and the UK Armed Forces’ Mental Health and Well-being Champion, Sergeant Major Glenn Haughton OBE has been supporting us by boosting employee wellness for our corporate partners. 


Having joined the British Army in 1988, aged just 15 years old, Sergeant Major Glenn Haughton has served in the Armed Forces for over 30 years. He has deep operational experience from multiple tours in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan and has served all over the world.

Appointed as the Academy Sergeant Major of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, he has significant experience in a training environment and is a very well-regarded speaker on leadership and soldiering.

In November 2018 The Chiefs of Staff Committee endorsed the appointment of WO1 Glenn Haughton OBE as the first Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chiefs of Staff Committee (SEAC).

As part of this role, the SEAC is also the Armed Forces Mental Health and Well-Being Champion, working to improve mental health awareness, well-being and good health in the military, as well as breaking down the stigma around suicide. The SEAC also deals with veterans’ issues, families, culture and standards and has a primary focus on monitoring the value of advancement opportunities, and the quality of life for service personnel.

Sergeant Major Haughton was appointed as Vice Patron of The Poppy Factory in 2017. He is a vocal ambassador for the charity and for veterans with health conditions who need support moving back into employment.

Vodafone quote for The Poppy FactorySupporting our corporate partners through coronavirus

  • Hear about Sergeant Major Haughton’s personal experience of life in Armed Forces, including the bullying culture in the late 80s, the first Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, his time at Sandhurst and his current role as SEAC.
  • His own mental health challenges and why he is so passionate about improving mental health awareness.
  • Strategies to help improve mental fitness, build resilience and stay motivated, including his Covid-19 ‘Rule of 10’. 

By signing up for a speaker session, your company will be helping to change 100 more veterans’ lives.

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