Our volunteers are at the heart of our charity. With our volunteers’ time and energy, we are better placed to provide employment support to veterans with health conditions getting back into work.
Volunteer for The Poppy Factory
If you have the time and energy to offer, we can help you develop skills, meet new people and shake up your routine. Volunteering can happen anywhere in the UK. Our factory and head office is based in Richmond, Surrey, but you can volunteer for The Poppy Factory at regional events too.
Finding time to volunteer
Whether you have time to volunteer each week or help at one-off events, The Poppy Factory offers a range of volunteering opportunities. From raising awareness of the charity at community events or welcoming guests on factory tours, to attending corporate team-building poppy-making days at our factory, we have something for you.
Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about volunteering, please phone 020 8940 3305 or email admin@poppyfactory.org.

Will you jump out of a plane, run a marathon or hold a bake sale to raise funds for The Poppy Factory?
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No two journeys into employment are the same, that’s why our service is tailored to each veteran.