Play your part in the Escape of the Century and raise vital funds

Join our Escape of the Century fundraising challenge and walk, run, cycle or swim 100 miles (or set your own target!) to raise funds that will help veterans build a better future in 2022.

Most of us have felt need for some kind of escape in the past two years, but acting on that impulse hasn’t been easy. For veterans who face barriers to employment, escape can seem impossible. Now you and your team-mates can plan a break for freedom with a lasting impact.

Feel the reward of keeping active and join forces with colleagues as you combine mileage and sponsorship targets, aiming for a point on the map. The more escapees in your team, the further you’ll reach.

Track your miles however you like and get sponsored by colleagues, friends and family on JustGiving.

Plan your escape today!

Contact Alice Barrett, / 0208 939 1821

We work with amazing people who have served in our Armed Forces. Read some of their stories below.

"I thought I’d never work again and I really had no confidence. After nine months I’m still getting used to working again. Sometimes asking for help feels like the hardest part. But it’s definitely worth trying.”



“I was medically discharged from the Army because of my mental health, and I really lost my way. Now I love my job. It’s such a refreshing change to want to come to work and my boss is really supportive."



“My life has been an amazing rollercoaster and I’ve learned so much about people on the way. If it wasn’t for the Army, the VC Gallery and Natalie at The Poppy Factory, I don’t know where I’d be now.”