Employing veterans

If you are looking for a dedicated, skilled professional to join your organisation, look no further.

Men and women who have served this country have a wealth of experience and transferable skills that can be of huge benefit to any business. We don’t charge recruitment fees so our service is completely free for employers to use.

Benefits for you

Ex-service men and women who pursue new careers outside of the military have a wealth of transferable skills and talents to offer any workplace. However, they may get overlooked because an Armed Forces CV might seem unfamiliar. That’s where we can help. Our personalised Getting You Back To Work service focuses on supporting veterans into jobs they love within their communities. Our team is on hand to help businesses like yours to understand the great potential a veteran employee has to offer and suggest changes or adaptations that will make it easier for veteran employees to succeed.  We provide ongoing in-work support to both the employer and the employee, ensuring our veterans thrive in their new job.

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If you would like to find out more, please get in touch today. You can email us on workwithus@poppyfactory.org, call 020 8940 3305 or alternatively, complete the form and we’ll get back to you shortly


    Veteran Carl did four tours of Northern Ireland and Bosnia with the Army, then suffered with PTSD. Now, he is the Head Groundsman at Thornton Manor. James, Carl’s boss and the General Manager, said: “Carl is an asset to the team, always going above and beyond, taking on any task willingly with a constant smile on his face. We all feel very lucky to have Carl here at Thornton Manor and appreciate him greatly.”

    Veteran Tony served in the Army for five years, but couldn’t work for over a decade as he waited for a life-saving heart transplant. Now, Tony is working in property maintenance for a management firm. His employer, Tom, said: “Tony has been fantastic. He’s full of enthusiasm, his personality is brilliant, his work ethic is great and he’s a real asset to the company. I think The Poppy Factory is a brilliant service. Everybody is very grateful for ex-Service men and women.”
    Veteran Dale served for nine years in the Welsh Guards. He was severely injured after driving over an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. Now, Dale is a qualified HGV driver. Dal’s manager Jeff said: “Dale has that disciplined military mind-set and he’s very adaptable. He comes here in the morning, picks up a set of keys, and he’s out the door getting on with it. If I had another Dale apply for a job tomorrow, I wouldn’t hesitate.”
    Seeing beyond health conditions
    An underlying health condition does not impact on a veteran’s drive and ambition to achieve. Transferring from military to civilian life can be difficult for some veterans, but finding a fulfilling job that gives financial security can change lives. We are proud that since 2010, we have supported over 1,400 veterans into civilian jobs.
    Meet some of the businesses who have employed our veterans
    About us
    Here at The Poppy Factory, we have been supporting veterans with health conditions into civilian employment for 97 years.
    Corporate Partnerships
    Your organisation, large or small, can have a huge impact on the lives of our veterans. Find out how we can work together.
    Can you tackle an obstacle course, run a marathon or hold a bake sale? Find out how you can raise money to help our veterans.