Myth Busting

There is a need to “myth bust” some of the negative stereotypes about veterans and the problems they may encounter.

A report the in the US found that employers had reservations about employing veterans because of concerns about Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and anger management. However, a report in the UK by Deloitte shows that these concerns were not shared by employers who actually had experience of employing veterans.

Here are some myths about veterans vs the reality:


“All veterans struggle when they come out of the Forces.”

The majority of people who leave the Armed Forces make a smooth transition to civilian life but, for some people, the journey isn’t so smooth. This can be particularly true for people seeking employment who are injured, wounded or sick, including people with experience of mental health problems. For the majority of veterans who are experiencing problems finding work, the greatest support that they can be given is to be offered a chance.

“People with PTSD are violent and unpredictable.”

3% of the general population and 4 – 6% of serving personnel experience PTSD. PTSD is a stress-related response to a traumatic event. Symptoms include anxiety, depression, guilt, anger and irritability. PTSD is not characterised by violence, and there are a number of successful treatments for it. For more information about mental health and PTSD, please see here.


“People in the forces are only trained to kill.”

There are a huge number of different roles in the Armed Forces. Just a few of the 100s of roles include: health workers, HR officers, logistics experts, mechanics, drivers, chefs, engineers, and administrators. You can find out more about the roles in the Army, Navy and the Royal Air Force by following the links to their websites.


“People from the Forces won’t be dependable.”

This myth has come about because some people who have served in the Armed Forces continue to have a statutory liability where they can be recalled to the Armed Forces in case of imminent national danger or great emergency. People who have left the Armed Forces through a medical discharge are unlikely to be recalled. You can find out more about employing reservists from the Defence Relationship Management website.

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