Why Employ Ex-Service Personnel?

There are many reasons why organisations may wish to recruit individuals who have served in the Armed Forces.

For some organisations, it may be because of a sense of patriotism and an appreciation that these individuals have served their Queen and country. For others, it is in recognition of the training, work ethic and goal-orientated attitude that ex-Service personnel bring. Of course, all individuals are different, but there are some traits that seem more prevalent in people who have served in HM Armed Forces.

Here, employers tell us 5 reasons why they employ veterans:

A great work ethic

People in the Armed Forces often take a great pride in doing their job well. They are organised and disciplined, with an ability to focus on getting the job done. Employers have told us that veterans are often conscientious with a great eye for detail.


A can do attitude

Veterans often demonstrate a positive, goal-orientated attitude, with an ability to work in difficult or stressful circumstances. People who have worked in the military are at home working in unfamiliar environments and often demonstrate creative problem solving skills.


Strong leadership skills

The Armed Forces train their staff to lead, motivate and inspire others. Whether working in a small team or leading a large unit, leadership and clear communication are essential skills.

Ability to work in teams, or to work independently

Teamwork is an essential part of military life. All Service personnel are experienced in working in diverse teams yet also have the ability to self-motivate and to be self-contained when needed.

Respect for procedures and accountability

Working in the Armed Forces gives you a great grounding for being able to follow rules. Our employers have described veterans as being dependable and reliable.

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