Employer stories

Businesses benefit hugely from employing ex-Service men and women. We work alongside small to large-sized employers to ensure that our veterans thrive in their new jobs.  

Nigel, Branch Manager, Travis Perkins

“If you take an ex-veteran on, you are taking someone on that has good life experience and has probably worked in a routine and disciplined organisation. Why wouldn’t you? It would be a perfect fit.”

Jeff, Transport Manager, John Raymond Transport Ltd

“Our employee Dale has that disciplined military mind-set and he’s very adaptable. He comes here in the morning, picks up a set of keys, and he’s out the door getting on with it. If I had another Dale apply for a job tomorrow, I wouldn’t hesitate.”

Roz, Military Promise Project Leader, National Express

“National Express has a really successful and rewarding relationship with The Poppy Factory. We work together to provide tailored workshops, paid work placements and jobs to their skilled veterans. They are wholeheartedly committed to supporting the people they represent and are always on hand to guide and to advise on what works best.”

Brendan, Chief Engineer, TfL

“We employ ex-Forces personnel for their skills and commitment. The Poppy Factory is a really good organisation to link with, to contact and gain knowledge from.”

Andrew, Operations Director, Fujitsu

“It has been a very professional relationship right from the start. It is great work that The Poppy Factory undertake and I hope the relationship with Fujitsu continues.”

  If you have a vacancy for a role in which a veteran would excel, please let us know. Our regional employment consultants will be able to suggest it to their current clients. Email gybtw@poppyfactory.org.