Ciaran’s Story

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Two years after being medically discharged from the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, Ciaran Muir, 27, found meaningful work in the civilian world.

In 2012, after serving in the British Army for five years, Ciaran stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and lost his right leg.  Due to the injury and unemployment, his mental health started deteriorating and the transition to civilian life became a real struggle for him.

“As time went on, the mental toll of being unemployed, sitting at home all day, grew heavier. I became super demotivated, put on a ton of weight and didn’t do anything apart from play video games and do the school run.”

Fortunately, Ciaran decided to join the On Course Foundation and one of the speakers was a representative from The Poppy Factory. Ciaran contacted the charity and received support straight away. Now, Ciaran has been working at The School of Military in Bolton as an Area Manager for a couple of years and enjoys giving back to the children he teaches.

“If it weren’t for The Poppy Factory, I think I would be employed but I would probably be on minimum wage in an unskilled role just getting by, not at a senior management level and that’s what the assistance from The Poppy Factory gave me. With their help, I definitely had a clearer idea of where I want my career to go and I am a lot more focused now that I’m in a job I actually like doing,” says Ciaran.


My advice to other veterans would be to look at the proof, look at the outcomes and what has been achieved. The Poppy Factory help veterans get back into work and they can prove it. The veteran community all speak to each other so word of mouth is key. Talk to your veteran family and take that step.  

Ciaran Muir – Veteran

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