Armed Forces Champion survey – London Veterans Partnership

London Veterans Partnership is a group of organisations working together to support veterans across the capital. Together we are building a strong, supportive and inclusive network with London’s ex-Forces community at its centre. In doing so we will help veterans gain access to services, overcome barriers and explore new opportunities to support positive mental health and reduce social isolation.

As an Armed Forces Champion supporting the ex-Forces community in London, we’d like to ask you a few questions. This will help us understand how we can work with you better, help us find out about what’s happening in your area that our partners can support, and identify any common challenges across boroughs and help explore solutions.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    Working with veterans

    What’s the biggest barrier to you finding or connecting with the ex-Forces community in your area?

    Please tell us a bit about your current work with veterans in your borough, e.g. a project, an event or support services that are available.*

    Your role as Armed Forces Champion

    What is the main focus of your work as Armed Forces Champion now and for the next three months?

    Making things easier for you

    Do you think you’ll have any challenges in achieving this? If yes, please tell us what challenges you face.

    How can London Veterans Partnership help or support you in your role?

    Please tell us what communication channels you are using to reach the ex-Forces community in your area, e.g.. local authority newsletter, web page, social media