The Field of Remembrance

We organise the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey every November to commemorate those who have lost their lives in the Armed Forces.

On Thursday 7th November 2019 HRH The Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened our annual Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey. 

Over 380 plots are laid out in the names of military associations and other organisations. Remembrance crosses and symbols are provided so that ex-Service men and women, as well as members of the public, can plant a symbol in memory of fallen comrades and loved ones. The Field is opened every Thursday before Remembrance Sunday and stays open for a further ten days.

The Field of Remembrance was started in 1928 by Major George Howson MC, founder of The Poppy Factory, and a few wounded veterans from the First World War. They grouped together around a single battlefield cross and invited passers-by to plant poppies. Today, the field is still constructed by veterans and volunteers.

The Field of Remembrance is opened every year by a member of the Royal Family. We have been honoured to have The Duke of Sussex opening the Field in the last few years.


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