Help change 100 more lives

The Poppy Factory has embarked on a campaign to support 100 more veterans. That’s our target and we’d love it if you could help get us there.

It costs us £3,394 to support one veteran. This may seem like a lot but we’re not a light touch organisation. The veterans we help are often really struggling in life.

We support veterans long-term to help them find the right jobs in their own communities. We help them to thrive in the civilian workplace, significantly improving their confidence, health and wellbeing.

Over 85% of our veterans are still in their jobs after 3 months, which is great news, but if life throws in more challenges along the way, which it so often does, The Poppy Factory will still be there.

Please get involved today and help us change 100 lives.

Make a donation towards our total here - it all adds up!

Pledge to raise funds to support one or more veterans here


Gather together around VE Day to help change 100 lives. Round up your troops and ask for contributions to join your picnic - there are no rules about where, when or how!


Let the competition begin! Pit your colleagues, friends or family against one another in our fun 100 Lives quiz.

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