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Wreaths and Crosses

Wreaths, sprays, chaplets and crosses are made at The Royal British Legion's Poppy Factory and can be ordered from The Poppy Appeal at Aylesford.


Type A spray
Type A - £10
Spray (approx 7" in diameter)
Type B wreath
Type B - £17.00 
Wreath (17" in diameter)
Type L small wreath
Type L - £12
Wreath (10" in diameter)
Type D cross
Type D - £15
(21" x 12")
Type F wreath
Type F - £20
(17" in diameter)
Type G Civic Wreath
Type G - £50
Civic wreath
(18" in diameter) 
Type J Wreath roundel
Type J - £25
Wreath roundel
with carnations
(17" diameter)
Type E Chaplet
Type E - £15
(17" x 11")
Type C Poppy Wreath with badge 
Type C - £18.50
Wreath with
badge of choice
(17" in diameter)
 Type K carnation roundel with badge
Type K - £25
Wreath roundel
with carnations,
badge of choice


Requests for wreaths

Please send requests (download and complete an application form) for wreaths to:

The Poppy Appeal
Royal British Legion Village
Kent ME20 7NX

Apply early for wreaths needed for Remembrancetide as pressure is considerable from October onwards. Applications received after the third week of October cannot be guaranteed for Remembrance Day.

Emergency and special requests can be accepted at all times by telephone on 01622 717172 or by fax on 0203 207 2172.

Please note that there may be additional costs for express deliveries.

Ribbons and badges

Inscribed Ribbons
The following messages are available for affixing to any standard design wreath, printed in gold lettering on blue ribbon:

"Lest we Forget"
"In loving memory"

An additional donation is invited to cover the extra production costs and a guide is included on the application form.

Type C and Type K wreaths are suitable for inclusion of a central badge. There are over 3000 badges available including Services and associations. Please specify when ordering.


In order to avoid charging VAT we do not quote a price for our wreaths. Instead we make them available to you in return for your voluntary donation which we hope will at least cover our production and delivery costs. Indicative costs are shown above and quoted on the application form.*

Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to "The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal" and crossed A/C Payee. Cash and treasury notes should not be sent through the post.

Goods are normally sent by post so ten working days should be allowed for delivery.

*Additional postage charges may apply for deliveries to addresses overseas.

Please be generous when making your donation.


Overseas wreath laying

With the help of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (and others) it is possible to arrange for Poppy Wreaths to be placed on graves in most countries overseas.

Types A, B, D, E, F, G & J may be placed in: Austria, Belgium, Burma, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Malta, Norway, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia and Turkey.

Only Type A may be placed in India and Gambia.
Only Type B may be placed in the Falklands.

Badged wreaths are not available under this scheme.

Please make requests for laying at least eight weeks in advance. An annual replacement standing order service is available.


Application form WORD: application form
Application form PDF: application form